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Custom Spoke Wheels and Wire Wheels - The Ideal Finishing Touch For Your Ride

Texan Wire Wheels, is based in Beverly Hills, California, where we provide style and innovation to wire wheels and our increasingly popular spoke wheels. Whether you're looking for spoke wheels for your vintage 83' or 84' or you want to learn more about Slab Culture's urban music scene, you’ll find what you're looking for at Texan Wire Wheels.

The Corporate Site offers amazing music downloads by popular urban artists who are closely tied to slab culture. Listen to urban mix tapes and learn more about the artists, who love Texan Wire Wheels and drive stylin' Swangas. Join the Slab Culture and earn 10% discounts on your next set of spoke wheels, wire wheels, Slab culture apparel and mix tapes!

The Urban Site focuses on our full line-up of wire wheels, spoke wheels, and new, extreme pokes for the daring Swanga driver. Solid steel construction, chrome detailing, and original designs mean you're guaranteed to find the perfect spoke wheels for your vintage ride.

If You Ain't Pokin'...You Must Be Jokin'

NOTICE: Texan Wire Wheels' improved-design wheels are Patent Pending

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